Details of the Initiative

The Meiji Fair Trade Club, a recognized club of Meiji University, carries out daily activities aimed at making Meiji University a Fair Trade University.
The Machi Choco project that is being carried out this time is a plan to sell pieces of chocolate wrapped in original packaging and made by People Tree, a fair-trade brand.
In the chocolate of People Tree, fair-trade cacao, brown sugar, and raw sugar grown by small-scale farmers all over the world, including South and Central America, are used. We invited contributions to the designs of the packaging for Machi Choco from students at Meiji University and the public, and the theme of the designs was “cityscapes of houses in Ochanomizu.”

By having Machi Choco carried at cafes and retail stores in areas around Meiji University, we aim at having more people buy fair-trade chocolate and raising the rate of the spread of fair trade.

The chocolates come in a Milk flavor as well as a Matcha White Rice Quinoa Puff flavor.
Packaging for chocolate with a Milk flavor is from the image of many secondhand bookstores around Meiji University, and that for chocolate with a Matcha White Rice Quinoa Puff flavor is from the image of the scenery of the Liberty Tower looked up at from the town of Ochanomizu.

The chocolate is now on sale at fifteen cafes and retail stores around Meiji University.
Please take this opportunity to purchase it at a nearby store!

For details, please check the SNS of the Meiji Fair Trade Club (MFTC).
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Finished Machi Choco!
We rapped pieces of the chocolate in original packaging in cooperation with our members.
We went and promoted the chocolate to have the store carry it.
Sales scene (1)
Sales scene (2)