The book “Democratic and Electronic Changes in Local Public Action in Europe: REvolution or E-volution? – Changements démocratiques et électroniques dans l’action publique locale en Europe : REvolution ou E-volution ?”(IFJD, France)was published in Jan. 2022. Professor Shunsuke KIMURA is one of the co-authors; the title of his section is ‘Japanese Local Government Reforms; Response to a Shrinking Society and the Demands of E-municipality’. (The section he wrote is in English.)

The object of this book is to bring together specialists from many European countries and beyond (Mexico and Japan), from various scientific backgrounds (sociologists, political scientists, economists, lawyers, managers, geographers, historians, etc.) , but also data managers, experts on open-data and transparency, representatives of the research and intelligence services of local authorities, etc., in order to draw up an assessment of the democratic, electronic and digital changes in action and local public services, to share various national experiences and to offer a projection towards possible perspectives.

To this end, two angles of approach have been chosen: the changes in public participation in local public action, as well as the changes, digitized and dematerialized, of local administration (both in terms of digital services and use of open data to improve service delivery).